Emeraude Service offers you tailored services that are in line with your needs:
    Provision of a personal service tailored to your specific needs.
    • Definition of the ideal moment to launch a high-impact campaign.
    • Not only do we provide you with the means to take action but we also advise you on when it should take place.
    • Relations with the media.
    • VIP recruitment.
    • Recruitment of celebrities for events.
    From the organisation of a press conference to a promotional product launch or the management of a gala dinner, Emeraude Service manages your events throughout the entire process, from the initial planning to the final logistics.
    • Definition and development of the concept (location, subject matter, messages, guidelines, design and implementation, programme and moderation).
    • Coordination and supervision of the event (design, construction, technical matters, logistics, catering, security, etc.).
    • Management of events.
    • Promotion (websites, promotional posters, programmes, social media, press advertisements, relations with the media).
    • Administrative and budget management.
    • Logistics and conference organisation www.proverboom.com
    • Catering and transport.
    We assess and design the best-suited platform for your targets. We recommend a large range of marketing and communication tools that are adapted to your audience.
    • Communication campaigns.
    • Graphic and visual identity.
    • Design of promotional materials.
    • Street marketing
    • Creation and roll-out of digital campaigns.
    • Development of promotional campaigns.
    • Community management.
    • Online marketing.
    • Auditing and monitoring online reputation.
    • Development of internal digital communications (VOIP).
    • Development of websites, blogs, mobile apps and CRM.
    • Data management and IT security.
    • Digital production, e-commerce and live streaming.
    • Coordination of operations and reporting.

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